Assistance – Advice

AFC provides assistance to French and international companies in the field of material flow for all import and export operations.
Review of procedures and compatibility with customs and tax legislation.
Evaluation of aspects that influence taxation and regulations such as: tariff nomenclature, origin, value of customs declarations, etc.

AFC works in partnership with a group of legal specialists.

Faced with the need to keep abreast of evolutions in the regulatory framework, AFC pursues a policy of constantly updating its professional knowledge base:

  • Official Customs Bulletin
  • Official Tax Bulletin
  • Francis Lefebvre databases
  • European Commission
  • European Parliament
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • Etc.

Specialists in international commercial operations

In the field of transport and logistics, AFC provides assistance to foreign companies through the analysis of procedures such as: definitive or temporary export – import and re-importation…
AFC has developed partnerships with air and maritime transport logistics companies for importation from Africa – the Indian Ocean – the Persian Gulf – Asia and the Americas.

AFC – your partner for commercial ventures in France

In a complex legal and administrative environment, AFC can help you effectively and efficiently manage your material flows by ensuring compliance with the relevant rules and procedures in force.
Contact on behalf of our clients with the appropriate tax authorities is handled in strict confidence.
At AFC, excellent performance in tax representation is built on the following key elements:

  • Legal, fiscal and excise monitoring and a working relationship with the different authorities.
  • Specialist contributions.
  • Over 20 years’ valuable experience in handling complex international exchange operations.

Professional training

Basic and advanced staff training in matters of import and export.


AFC handles direct exportation in certain luxury goods markets in addition to acting as agent for its overseas clients.